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New loT gas meter from Pipersberg

PIPERSBERG presents its new IoT gas meter with multifunctional totalizer. The series of meter sizes G2.5 to G100 has an identical totalizer throughout. This is a technical cooperation between PIPERSBERG, ITRON, GWF and HONEYWELL, with PIPERSBERG holding the MID approval. The calibration validity periods correspond to those of conventional diaphragm gas meters. Temperature compensation can be supplied as an option for meter sizes G2.5 to G25. The mechanism consists of the proven BK-G series (ELSTER/HONEYWELL) with proven long-term stability and is therefore ideally suited for spot checks. In addition to the roller counter, the totalizer has an integrated absolute encoder and a Cyble interface. This means that all available communication modules from the manufacturers HONEYWELL, ITRON and GWF can be used. And sometimes even in combination. This new totalizer offers the following AMR/IoT options: Absolute Encoder Multiprotocol (SCR(IEC)), MBus cable, Wireless MBus (Drive-By, SMGW), LoRa, SIGFOX, Namur/L-Bus and pulse encoder. The designation for this new gas meter type is defined as follows: Example G4 = BK-G4 Ac (standard version) and BK-G4 AcT (version with temperature compensation). Where “A” stands for absolute encoder, “c” for cyble interface and “T” for temperature compensation. Thanks to the multifunctional counter, this gas meter is also equipped for future communication technologies that may be introduced in the gas supply industry. The series will be available from Q1-2022.

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