Hermann Pipersberg Jr. GmbH

Change of rotation

Organization and logistics

  • Data transfer in a defined format
  • Transfer/creation of meter change certificates
  • Creation of information letters
  • Notification of end customers
  • Making an appointment
  • End customer hotline
  • Route planning

Meter service in the gas, water, heating and communication sectors

  • Change of rotation
  • Removal of meters
  • New installations
  • Tamper protection according to G 600 B
  • Consumption reading
  • Data acquisition
  • Serviceability test

Gas pressure regulators

  • Installation/removal of house pressure regulator/meter regulator
  • Change house pressure regulator/meter regulator
  • Controller function test according to G 459/II

House connection inspections

  • Inspection in accordance with G 465/I (3.2.2)
  • Visual inspection/inspection

House connection repair

  • Repair of internal system components
  • Corrosion protection
  • Installation of ISO separation points
  • Manipulation defense

Tested safety

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