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LoRaWAN for fast, wireless data transmission

LoRa is a stationary radio technology that enables the use of a communication method in which data is transmitted with low power consumption.

In order to transmit this data securely, LoRaWAN is able to manage and process multiple end nodes within an enormous network range.

Wireless Mbus

Wireless Mbus is the meter for wireless remote reading

The wireless Mbus remote reading technology makes it possible to transmit measurement data wirelessly. Wireless Mbus communication modules can be attached to the meters, allowing the meters to be integrated into different systems.

Mbus cable

Mbus cable for easy remote reading of meters

MBus is a technical standard. Our meters are pre-equipped for remote reading and can be fitted with an Mbus communication module. This allows gas and water consumption to be measured and transmitted as measurement data.

Pulse readout

Transmission of precise measurement data

Pulse reading makes it possible to transmit measurement data extremely accurately.

Mechanical measuring devices with a pulse output are used to pass on this data. Pulse generators that can be retrofitted to a meter are used for this purpose.

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