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Water products from Pipersberg

Guaranteed quality, measuring accuracy and long-term stability

Apartment water meter

Surface-mounted and replacement water meters for use in residential areas

Our residential water meters measure the water consumption for cold water up to 30° C and hot water up to 90° C in the residential area and can be equipped with a communication module.

Surface-mounted water meters are prepared for a wide variety of installations, for example for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Flush-mounted and special water meters are measuring capsules designed for all installation positions.

Domestic water meter

Domestic water meters for use in single-family homes, apartment buildings and small businesses

Domestic water meters are used to measure small and large water withdrawals in houses.

Our range includes meters from sizes Q3=2.5 to Q3=16 and offers ring piston, single-jet and multi-jet domestic water meters as well as ultrasonic water meters.

Heat meter

Heat meters for determining the heat energy

Heat meters are measuring devices that are used to determine the heating energy used.

Our extensive product range offers compact and split heat meters with advanced ultrasonic technology.

Bulk water meter

Large water meters for use in trade and industry

Large water meters for our key accounts are usually found in the area of water extraction and water distribution.

Our range includes ultrasonic, Woltmann and single-jet water meters. These guarantee extremely high measuring accuracy even under enormous loads.


Standpipes for use in mobile water supply systems

Our standpipes are suitable for use in mobile water supply systems. The stability and robustness characterize the workmanship of our standpipe models.
We offer rising pipe meters in the sizes Q3:4, Q3:10 and Q3:16.

We also offer system separators that comply with current recommendations.

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