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Diaphragm gas meter

Diaphragm gas meters for domestic, commercial and industrial use

Diaphragm gas meters measure the gas volume by means of displacement measurement. The meters in sizes G2.5 to G100 are used as domestic, commercial and industrial gas meters and are approved for custody transfer.

Our meters are also equipped with appropriate interfaces for remote reading.

Rotary piston gas meter

Rotary piston gas meter for extremely accurate measurements.

Rotary piston gas meters impress with their extremely accurate measurement.
The volume meters in sizes G10 to G100 are available in aluminum, ductile iron or steel and are approved for custody transfer.

Turbine gas meter

Turbine gas meter designed for all large gas measurements

Turbine meters in sizes G65 to G6500 are MID-approved flow meters and are used in the industrial sector.
The rotational movements of the turbine wheel are caused by the flow of gas. These movements are transmitted to the totalizer by means of a magnetic coupling.

Communication modules can also be attached to the meter.

Control devices

Control units for optimum regulation of the gas pressure.

Our gas pressure regulators in the low, medium and high pressure series guarantee immediate gas pressure regulation.

For this purpose, we offer control units in various equipment variants such as the connection configuration or the safety device.

Volume corrector

Volume corrector for accurate recording and transmission of gas consumption

According to DVGW worksheet G685, volume correctors must be used for the accurate recording and transmission of gas consumption from an hourly consumption volume of 160 m3.

A volume corrector calculates a standardized billing volume Vn with its integrated temperature and pressure sensors and the supplied operating volume Vb of the connected gas meter. This volume is displayed on the device and made available in parallel in a calibrated load profile memory for fiscal billing. The billing data can be read out and further processed via an optical interface on the device or a connected modem and power supply unit. The volume corrector can also be used in EX zones.

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