Hermann Pipersberg Jr. GmbH



Shortage of raw materials and price increases

Special times force us to take special measures! So far, they are from Hermann Pipersberg jr. GmbH is not used to receiving additional explanations beyond the daily business transactions. We are currently receiving information letters from our suppliers about the shortage of resources on the global market. Plastics are particularly affected because they are based on crude oil, metals, especially brass due to its copper content, and steels. The commodities market has been severely impacted by the pandemic, which has now lasted a year, and the fact that major economies in North America and Asia are now starting up again, especially as some regions in the manufacturing sector are still in lockdown. This leads to uncertain delivery times and price increases in the materials sector. So far, we have been able to compensate for these price increases through stable framework agreements with our suppliers. However, we have now reached a point where neither the delivery promises are reliable nor the prices are being kept. As there is a general shortage of raw materials, we have not been able to find alternative sources of supply, e.g. for brass water housings and plastic movements.

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