Hermann Pipersberg Jr. GmbH



Pipersberg takes over Ultrimis, general distributor for Germany

The cooperation between APATOR POWOGAZ and PIPERSBERG in the field of ultrasonic water meters has been strengthened by the officially agreed sales partnership of Pipersberg for the entire German market. In a parallel development, the APATOR ULTRIMIS series was designed specifically for the legislation of municipal water supply in Germany (PIPERSBERG version), and the current version is fully compliant with the following requirements: MID, TrinkwV, MessEV, DVGW, UBA, BSI, RED, DSGVO, IP68. The launch of the special ULTRIMIS series took place at the beginning of October 2020. Since then, this new ultrasonic water meter has undergone various metrological prequalifications in Germany. Legally compliant radio communication enables the secure transmission of original meter readings, which can be used for consumption billing without restriction. The recyclability through the use of reusable materials, such as the lead-free brass measuring tube and the non-potted electronics, gives the series a “second life” after remanufacturing and thus supports sustainability, resource efficiency and the circular economy.

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