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New Sonico ultrasonic large water meter

PIPERSBERG takes over the distribution of the new GWF ultrasonic bulk water meter for Germany. The new SONICO EDGE is the world’s leading large static water meter. Thanks to the homogeneous shape of the measuring channel and the integrated 4D technology®, the measurement is independent of the flow profile. Dry sensors guarantee precise and reliable measurement over the entire service life of the meter. The 4D measuring channel allows the meter to be installed in the immediate vicinity of a 90° bend or a valve, without straight inlet and outlet sections. This flexibility reduces installation costs, as no additional work needs to be carried out at the installation site. sonico EDGE® – developed and built in Germany and Switzerland. Thanks to the patented Time Reversed Acoustics measurement principle, a unique measurement repeatability is achieved. Almost unbelievable flow range data for a DN50: start-up 5 liters/h – maximum flow 90 m³/h . Unrivaled. With three integrated NFC interfaces, the SONICO EDGE offers maximum flexibility for remote reading with modules for pulse, 20mA current, wireless MBus-OMS and LoRaWAN.

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