Hermann Pipersberg Jr. GmbH



New communication with Cyble 5

ITRON and PIPERSBERG present the new CYBLE 5, a new type of communication module that has recently been added to the Cyble family and can be installed on all existing Cyble totalizers. The ITRON-C meter family includes diaphragm gas meters, industrial gas meters, industrial gas meters, rotary gas meters, ring piston water meters and large water meters. The CYBLE 5 speaks in 3 radio communication modes: Wireless-MBus-OMS / LoRaWAN / SIGFOX. This turns the mechanical measuring devices into smart meters with almost limitless application possibilities at the click of a button. The CYBLE 5 can also be retrofitted to Cyble totalizers on gas and water meters. With the RF MASTER 5, ITRON provides a parameterization tool. For new installations, PIPERSBERG supplies fully assembled and parameterized units.

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