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IoTree platform

In close cooperation with the IoT company PHYSEC, PIPERSBERG is launching a new type of IoTree platform for municipal utilities. The system is cross-sector and manufacturer-independent and covers all open wireless standards such as LoRaWAN, Wireless MBus and NB-IoT.

In addition to the IoTree platform, Pipersberg offers a mobile readout system that also works across divisions and is manufacturer-independent. This directly links stationary and mobile reading. Software solutions of the latest technology and security standards were used in the developments.

With the advent of the wireless M-Bus standard or, more recently, LoRaWAN communication, for which almost all meter manufacturers now have compatible products in their portfolio, a new era of interoperable data communication has begun in the metering industry. The days of being tied to one system or one manufacturer are now history.
Pipersberg offers a unique solution that is compatible with meters from a wide range of manufacturers, different media (such as gas, water, heat and electricity) and different communication interfaces (LoRaWAN, wMBus or NB-IoT).

The new “PIP meter mobile” app for Android complements the system perfectly and thus also offers the connection of meters from different manufacturers that are already in the network. The highlight: all this happens in the IoTree platform and you only operate one central system that manages, processes and visualizes all the data.

Of course, geodata with map visualization is also standard in all our software solutions.

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